AGILUS TEL can offer consulting services in railway telecommunications business area, delivery of custom made systems ( or systems according to tender documentation) and after sales service.

We can offer designing of the system and support customer with advices and documentation until the end of the project.
Customer without clear technical demands on system or tender documentation are challenges for us. We are able to design system to fit in legal frame and fulfills customer demands. During the project we make project documentation, lead customer through process and, if is necessary we communicate with supervision and investors.

Delivery of railway telecommunication systems
We are system integrators and we can offer “turn key solution” systems build of high quality components. Our partners are respectable producers of railway telecommunication equipment.
In such business case we can offer:
• System designing
• Creating offer and technical documentation
• Delivery and installation of the system
• Programming, putting into operation
• Delivery of user and maintenance manuals
• System testing ( factory, installation and integration tests)
• Training of staff
• Commissioning
• After sales service

After sales service
Lifecycle of railway telecommunication devices and exploitation time are extremely long. Maintenance of such devices can be hard to perform. We are offering maintenance of railway telecommunication systems, delivery of original spare parts or replacement of equipment and SLA contracts.